Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bisyarah Rameshan

We had so much fun yesterday shooting the few outfits we had and my personal collection for those who know me. The model was this cute girl  , Syarah. If anyone remembers Bea Rameshan from Rosyam Nor's Pilih Kasih, Syarah is Bea's little sister. This beauty is just 17!

Abang Al from Al Bridal came with Syara at 11 for the makeup, and Fozan and Affiq from Artisme Republic arrived 2 hours later. Tuan Punya Badan pukul 1 baru nak pergi melaha cari kipas Faizal Tahir for the shoot. Gitu, kipas pon ada cop. Ingat tudung je ke ado?

Peeps in JB, stop by to have your raya outfits tailored here at FierNawal Studio.

Here's the pics guys!!

I love photoshoots!

White Organza Kebaya with matching White Satin Tube.
Dress for rent/sale. Suitable for Engagements/Night Events

Personal collection.
Long Dress with matching hood in
heavy beaded lace and jasmine silk lining.
designed and tailored
by Unaisah Azlan.

 Dress not for sale but for Rent

Empire waist Modern Kurung with Panel Skirt
in Turqoise Chiffon Silk.

Now this one seems to be getting quite the buzz.
Those interested in this design, let me know before end of June
 so that I can buy the fabric in bulk.

Those who have other designs in mind, just email me at or leave a message on the wall of our fanpage FierNawal Studio or sms 0123985758.

Tempah baju raya joM!

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  1. cantek weh bj biru ni. kalau aku bg kain aku, ko buat leh? aku ade beberapa kain yg belom dijahit.